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Individuals and Families


Portfolio Management 

We analyze your investment objectives, cash flow requirements, financial goals, and a variety of other factors to create a strategic portfolio based on your specific needs.  Since portfolio needs change over time, your portfolio is monitored regularly.

Wealth Plan

We examine your entire financial picture and design a plan to help you strive toward financial independence.  Regular reviews are provided to address your changing circumstances and needs.

Risk Management

Our team assesses avoidable, diversifiable, and transferable risks which could be catastrophic to your portfolio.  We evaluate life, long-term care, and disability coverage.

Estate Planning

Our coordinated approach to financial planning includes a review of your current estate planning documents.  We work with estate planning attorneys to implement a plan which addresses your goals.  We strive to maximize the distribution of wealth to meet your long-term objectives.

Independent Legal Advice 

Our strategic legal partners can provide a complimentary review of your current estate and business planning documents with your needs in mind.  

Independent Tax Advice

Our strategic partners can prepare your annual tax returns and help you understand the variety of tax consequences that result from your business and life decisions. 

Our financial advisors do not provide tax / legal advice.