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Federal Employees Benefits and Planning

A Partner Who Speaks Your Language

As a Federal employee you face a different financial landscape than those in the private sector, which is why it is important to work with an advisor who understands your benefits and can discuss them in the terms (dare we say Acronyms!) that you use day-to-day. We'll work with you determine the optimal strategy for your unique situation. 

Pension Strategies

Whether FERS or CSRS we'll help you to understand the impact of your retirement goals on your retirement annuity.

- When do you reach MRA?

- Do you have bought back military time?

- What if you retire early but wait to take your annuity?

Workplace Benefits

You have many benefits available to you, but are you taking full advantage? We can help with:

- TSP allocation and understanding Traditional vs Roth contributions

- What are the FEGLI age bands and what impact will that have during your career

- How does your disability pension work

Coordination with Other Benefits

We can help you understand how other benefits fit into your retirement planning:

- Social Security analysis and understanding Social Security Supplement

- Disability Benefits: your pension versus private coverage

- Are there other savings vehicles to help you to your goals